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Bible Reading Plans.

The importance of regular Bible reading cannot be exaggerated. Put in the simplest terms, it is impossible to grow in one's faith without regular Bible reading. You cannot have a relationship without communication. Imagine what you family life would look like if you never spoke with your husband or wife or with your children. The Bible is the word of God. Through the Bible God speaks to us. If you never read the Bible, God never speaks to you, and you do not - indeed, cannot - have a relationship with Him. I have put links below for several reading plans. Some are very easy to commit to; others are a bit more ambitious. The important thing though, is to commit. Do not lose heart if you accidentally miss a day (or more). Just pick up where you left off and continue. This plan is just what it sounds like: it is a read straight through plan. You'll read the whole Bible once through in a year.

Straight Through Reading Plan
Download PDF • 76KB

This plan calls for reading for 5 minutes a day 5 days a week.

Download PDF • 235KB

This plan reads by book type. There is a book type for each day of the week. Prophets, Epistles, Poetry, etc.

Fifty-two Week Plan
Download PDF • 65KB

This is the famous M'Cheyne reading plan.

M'Cheyne Bible Calendar
Download PDF • 14KB

This is a 5-day reading plan. You'll read Monday through Friday, with time to reflect upon what you've read on Saturday and Sunday

Five Day Reading Plan
Download PDF • 198KB

This is a 90-day reading plan. With this plan you'll read through the whole Bible 4 times in a year. It isn't as intimidating as it sounds. Daily reading time will be between 35-45 minutes. You'll read an average of 13 chapters a day, You could even divide it up into morning and evening readings.

Four Times a Year
Download XLSX • 21KB

All of these plans can be printed out. I print mine put and hang it on the fridge so I can cross off the day's reading once I've finished it. The importance of Bible reading cannot exaggerated. We can only grow as Christians as we learn what the Bible teaches, and we can only learn what the Bible teaches by read it. I encourage everyone to pick one of these plans, commit to it, and begin. Read it alone, read it with your spouse, read it with your children - but above all: READ IT.

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