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Pastor Andy Underhile


Rev. Andrew Underhile, PhD., had the wonderful privilege of growing up in a Christian home. He has been in Gospel ministry for over 20 years. For much of this time he served in the Philippines. He has worked as a missionary, pastor, seminary professor, and translator. 

He completed his MDiv in 2006 and his PhD in 2016. He is affiliated with the Evangelical Association of Reformed and Congregational Churches. He has written two books: The Church's Favorite Flower, a survey of the doctrines of grace in the writings of the Church Fathers, and Comfort in Chaos, a devotional commentary on the book of Nahum. He currently serves as an academic mentor for The Log College and Seminary (


In 2002, he and Nhora were married. God has blessed their union with 3 children: Aletheia, Ariene, and Aidan.


He loves the historic Reformed confessions and catechisms, especially the Heidelberg Catechism. He believes that the family is the building block of the church as well as of society. He believes Christian parents are called to do everything in their power to ensure that their children are raised in the fear and admonition of the Lord. This includes Family Worship, Bible reading, devotional reading, catechism and prayer.

Pastor Andy began serving Friedens Reformed Church March 29, 2020

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